The Board of Zoning Adjustments meets the last Thursday of each month as needed, January through October; November and December meetings are combined and held the first Thursday of December all at 7:00 p.m. at the Courthouse, 102 N. College St. in Hamilton.

Arnold Jackson

Term:  10/01/20 to 09/30/23 (unexpired term of Mr. Shelton)

District 1


Maria Copeland

Term:  08/16/22 to 09/30/25

District 2


Dewey Batchelor

Term:  10/01/20 to 09/30/23

District 3


Christopher Butzon, Chairman

Term:  10/01/21 to 09/30/24

District 4


Lora Taft

Term:  10/01/21 to 09/30/24

District 5