Clerk of Superior Court

About the Clerk of Superior Court

The Clerk of Superior Court is elected by the voters for four year terms. This office maintains Superior Court records, transmits all appeals to the Georgia Court of Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court, and records real estate transactions such as warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, security deeds, assignments, right-of-way deeds, easements, property plats, and power of attorney documents. In addition, this office is also responsible for recording fi fas, military discharges, trade names, UCCs, and various sorts of liens including mechanic liens, property tax liens, and hospital/doctor liens. In addition, this office also collects probation fines, child support payments, and property transfer taxes. This elected office also files criminal cases, maintains criminal warrants, and transmits documents to GCIC and the DMV. This office also files civil cases such as divorces/annulments, adoptions, child support, name changes, habeas corpus cases, suites for damages, garnishments, and repossessions. This office also issues notary appointments, performs jury management, keeps election ballots for the statutory time limit of two years, and assists the public with obtaining various court records. Lastly, this office provides administrative support to the Board of Equalization.

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Stacy Haralson

Clerk of Superior Court

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