Superior Court & Juvenile Court

Superior Court & Juvenile Court

Upholding the Law in Harris County

The Superior Court, in the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit that consists of Harris, Chattahoochee, Muscogee, Marion, Talbot, and Taylor counties, is the highest-ranking court in the county with original and general trial jurisdiction. This court, consisting of Superior Court Judges elected by the voters for four year terms, has original, exclusive, or concurrent jurisdiction of all civil, criminal, misdemeanor, and certain juvenile cases. Specifically, the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction in felony and domestic relation cases, cases concerning title to land, adoptions except for such authority granted to juvenile courts, and equity cases. The elected Superior Court judges also conduct probation revocation hearings and validates voter approved bond issues. The Superior Court possesses appellate jurisdiction from judgements of the Probate Court and Magistrate Court and this court is empowered to exercise general supervision over all inferior courts and to review and correct their judgments. The Superior Court also appoints Juvenile Court Judges to hear juvenile cases.

Superior Court Judges

Juvenile Court Judges

Superior Court & Juvenile Court Administration

Stacy Haralson

Clerk of Superior Court

Ed Berry

Chattahoochee Judicial Court Administrator

308 10th Street
Columbus, GA 31901